What Others are Saying

" I saw Stephanie for fertility and women's health.  I felt a positive difference after my very first treatment and was very intrigued to learn more about acu-Age puncture and Chinese Medicine and diet changes.  Acupuncture and the knowledge Stephanie has to offer is very refreshing and has tremendously helped me as a whole.  I recommend this treatment for anyone struggling with acute or chronic problems.  She treats holistically and effectively while also knowing her own boundaries within medicine  and has great insight into when and what other help to seek outside this scope of practice"-Age 29, fertility and stress management

“I started seeing Stephanie after my first IVF cycle had failed. My Dr recommended that I give acupuncture a try to hopefully increase my chances. Stephanie was so caring and supportive, and she made me feel comfortable sharing my infertility journey.  Not only were all my appointments with Stephanie relaxing, but they also helped improve my body's response to all the IVF medications. I would recommend her to anyone with infertility issues especially those under going IVF. I am happy to report that I am now pregnant with twins!” -Age 33, fertility  

“My husband and I struggled with infertility for almost 1 1/2 years.  We went through all of the testing that could be done and all of the medical treatments possible, with our very last option being IVF.  In the few months leading up to starting the IVF process we wanted to try one last thing that we hadn't yet, which was acupuncture.  My husband knew about Waconia Women's Health through work that he does.  I then went and met with Carol and had an amazing feeling as she didn't feel like a "doctor" so to speak, more of a friend truly wanting to help us.  I went into it with an open mind, we did end up scheduling IVF at this point but decided to take the summer off of "medical treatments" and strictly just try acupuncture.  Carol had me start out with 3 months, and then we would go from there.  Well it was just about 3 months into it, on our very last try before starting IVF that we found out we were PREGNANT!!! We couldn't believe it..  I am now 25 weeks pregnant, baby and myself are feeling great and healthy

I would highly recommend acupuncture.  It not only helped us get pregnant naturally, it also helped me with my headaches that I didn't even expect an outcome on.  It is a very relaxing and comforting setting.  When we are ready for baby #2, we will definitely be going back” -Age 29, fertility

“I sought acupuncture in the midst of an emotional and physical nervous breakdown. I had been erratic in my period, 11 days late upon arriving to Carol, as well as suffering from anxiety, thyroid issues of thinning hair and weight gain, insomnia, and significant mood swings. Her background in cognitive behavioural sciences attuned to my mental health needs, aptly paired with her training in Chinese medicine to address digestive and emotional health not recognized in Western traditions. Carol provided a multi-faceted nourishing acupuncture treatment not only scientifically based, yet also cradled in self-care. Within our session she administered moxa on my abdomen, cupping on my low back and exacted needles in with tender touch to my severely malnourished sacrum. Needless to say, I started my menstrual cycle that evening and felt a cool rush of calm wash over my nerves. Thank you. I am ever so grateful and eagerly anticipating my next visit to take care of me- a most worthy relationship to deepen.” -Age 33, insomnia, anxiety, and menstruation

" I came seeking treatment for fertility and my thyroid health.  Stephanie is knowledgeable in these areas and gives excellent advice.  After my first round of appointments, I became pregnant and my thyroid antibody levels decreased.  I had also made some dietary changes to reduce inflammation at this time, but I could feel the difference in my abdomen after the first treatment that signaled something was definitely working.  Stephanie is encouraging and caring.  I would absolutely recommend this clinic!" -Age 28, Fertility, thyroid issues

" If you are looking for a "total health experience" Waconia Women's Health is for you.  I had the experience of working with Stephanie for women's health issues.  From the very first day she treated me as a person instead of just one condition.  Each return week, Stephanie was able to address surface level issues as well as the underlying conditions.  Stephanie shows genuine compassion, but also research-backed care in order to see the best results.  -Age 24, Fertility, post-birth control pill amenorrhea

" Whether it's been for general wellness appointments or specific issue such as ankle pain and a concussion, Stephanie has always treated me well, with respect and compassion, and a lot of joy in her work of helping people be well"-Age 40 Pain, digestion, stress

" I feel one of the reasons I became pregnant so quickly with acupuncture is because it was healing my body from the inside out.  One by one my menstrual symptoms started disappearing and after a few short months, I found out I was pregnant!"-Age 30 painful periods, stress, fertility

" Since my first visit, Stephanie has been AMAZING!!  I have noticed an improvement in my overall health, and continue to see improvements each time I go.  She is very knowledgeable about health, communicates very well and answers all my questions.  It's a breath of fresh air!  I would absolutely recommend this place!" -Age 31, Thyroid issues, eczema, seasonal and environmental allergies

"My menopausal symptoms were greatly diminished after receiving acupuncture treatment and guidance from Stephanie.  Her skills and knowledge of nutrition, herbs and supplements were immensely beneficial.  I highly recommend her!"-Age 56, hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, fatigue

" My original reason for trying acupuncture was a "Hail Mary" to avoid sinus surgery.  Not only did the treatment of acupuncture greatly reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms, I would consider them infrequent and a nuance whereas before I was miserable for literally months.  During the year and half that Stephanie was my acupuncturist I saw significant changes in my ability to sleep through the night as well.  Stephanie is highly skilled at acupuncture.  She is also a great listener and really cares about her patients.  I highly recommend her." -Age 44 chronic sinus symptoms, sinus infections, stress, poor sleep

"My care with Stephanie has been nothing but excellent!  I recently started noticing a difference in my digestion after eating certain foods.  I told Stephanie my symptoms and she went over an easy to follow care plan for me.  Within 3 days of making the dietary changes she recommended, I was already noticing a huge difference with my digestion!  Stephanie's knowledge was incredible and I would definitely recommend Waconia Women's Health"-Age 22, digestive imbalance 

"I sought out acupuncture for fertility reasons, and I'm glad I did.  Stephanie is so knowledgeable, especially with reproductive issues, that I immediately felt in good hands.  Beyond acupuncture itself, she supplied me with many good recommendations (without being pushy) , offered support, and was prompt in responding to any questions I had outside of sessions.  She is a wonderful provider who genuinely cares about her patients.-Age 35, PCOS, fertility

"I was nervous to try acupuncture for the first time but had had enough with my allergies and thought if there was even a chance I could get off of allergy meds, it was worth giving it a shot. From the moment I reached out Stephanie took great care to really get to know me - from my health background and history, to my daily habits, to what issues I was dealing with and wanted help in treating. I also had dealt with digestive issues for a few years so addressed that with Stephanie as well. Regular sessions with her and following her guidance on things to do outside of visiting her led to eventually taking zero allergy meds and my digestion getting back on track! Stephanie has such a vast knowledge and passion for health, and I would recommend her to all of my friends. I left every acupuncture session feeling rejuvenated and balanced, and her kind and caring demeanor made every visit even more enjoyable." -Age 32, allergies, digestion

" I started treatments with Stephanie shortly after finishing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer.  She helped me recuperate from the numerous side effects of those treatments, and ushered me on my path back to a healthy life.  This year she treated me through training for a half marathon!  Her expertise and kind spirit make her a truly gifted professional" -Age 43, post-chemo and radiation, running training support and recovery

" I started seeing Stephanie after years of not conceiving a child.  Fertility medications and IVF were not something I wanted to do so I decided to give acupuncture a shot.  After just one month of acupuncture I became pregnant!  Unfortunately, I suffered a miscarriage, and Stephanie was my support system and helped with grief and recovery.  When we were ready to try again, I became pregnant, and we now have a beautiful baby girl!" -Age 37, fertility

" After suffering from chronic insomnia for years I was looking for a holistic approach for my condition. I walked Stephanie through my chief complaints, medical history and lifestyle. Incredibly, by my 3rd acupuncture treatment I was sleeping through the night 4-5 nights a week and woke up rested (I hadn't slept like that in over 8 years). Her office is calming, peaceful and inviting; I would highly recommend Stephanie!!" -Age 39, insomnia and anxiety

"Waconia Women's Health has been such a blessing. I was on a birth control pill for almost 10 years, not realizing how much it was messing up my body. Hoping to get pregnant, I went off the pill. After months of trying, getting our hopes up when I would miss a period and getting the negative sign on the pregnancy test, I went to my doctor. They prescribed another pill that gave me a period for a month. Then no periods after that. I was told that I had to wait a year until my doctor would do anything else. I wasn't given any information on diet or exercise changes I should be making, I was just supposed to wait. I decided to take health into my own hands and I am so grateful I did this! I went to see Stephanie at Waconia Women's Health and she took my concerns to heart, always made me feel hopeful, and gave me immediate directions on action items that I can do to help my health instead of a waiting game. After getting treatments I started to have a regular period, something I had never had before! Then I missed a period, I felt like I had messed something up, but talking to Stephanie she reassured me everything was alright and working. I took a pregnancy test a couple weeks later and it was positive! I couldn't believe it. Now I'm 13 weeks pregnant, continuing to get regular acupuncture treatments at Waconia Women's Health and feeling great! I have some uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, but they are minimum. I feel like I'm able to take care of myself and my baby because of them!"- Age 28, fertility